Scuba gear is expensive, and so you want to be sure that you maintain yours in the best way possible so that it can last a long time. While most people love diving and the freedom that the buoyancy in the deep water gives them, it is a different matter when it comes to maintaining gear. However, maintain if you must, unless you want to buy a new set come to the next diving vacation.

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I taught myself how to maintain my scuba diving gear. Actually it is not hard and once you make a habit of it, it practically becomes second nature to you. After every diving vacation that I take, I make sure that I do not store my gear without cleaning it and checking it for damages.

If you have just started diving, here are a few helpful tips that can help you enjoy using your scuba gear for a long time.

Rinse your gear with fresh water

Cleaning gear with water

The wetsuit, scuba mask, scuba fins, booties and any other gear should be rinsed with fresh water after diving. If you have been diving in the ocean, you know how salty the water is. If you store your gear without rinsing it, the salt will damage it. It is not only the wearable gear like your dive computer, watch, wetsuit/drysuit or shoes that you have to rinse. Even the hard gear such as the scuba tank, hose and regulator needs to be rinsed. Let’s just say that anything that got into contact with the ocean water has to be rinsed.

Dry your gear with care

It is best to dry your gear in the air. However, make sure that you do not expose it to direct sunlight because the UV rays could damage it. After coming from the salty water in the ocean, you know your gear is a bit sensitive and that is why you want to keep it out of the direct sunlight. Even when you are carrying your gear to the beach, always pack it in a protective bag. You should never expose it too much in the sunlight unless you have to.

Store your gear in the right way

When you get home after a dive, you clean the gear and dry it in the open air carefully. After that, you store the gear until the next diving vacation comes along. It is best to store the diving gear in a dark and dry place where it will have a lot of fresh air. Do not just toss it in the garage without removing it from the dive gear travel bag.

Handle your gear delicately

Everything related to diving is very delicate. Thus, you want to handle it with care. When you are

hanging your neoprene suit, gloves and booties, do not use metal hangers as they could pierce it. Use plastic. If you throw your scuba diving mask around, it could break. When traveling, be keen on the gear as it could suffer damage from being tossed about. Rodents have a habit of chewing cables, neoprene and rubber. Make sure you do not have rats in the storage rooms.