Everyone has that one thing that calms them when their nerves are raw, when nothing else seems to work. I know a friend of mine who just sleeps it off. Another one works it out in the gym. However, I am a different kettle of fish altogether. When I feel pressed down by issues, I find water. It is my therapy, honestly. I can swim, sail or snorkel. I can also dive. When I do not have the time for all of that, I just need to sit down by a body of water and it really assuages me, leaving me feeling much better and comforted.

This time around, I have been working hard in the office since last summer. I have gotten my well earned holiday and I intend to use it well and de-stress my poor old self. I have decided to take a snorkeling vacation, you know, practically live on the beach for a few days and snorkel my heart out. I have already found the best scuba gear packages with a nice dive shop in the Florida Keys. I hope to take some diving shots too.

This is not my first time to snorkel. I have snorkeled many times before, and so as I plan this vacation, I have been thinking that I have everything that I need. However, as I did a last check on my gear, I realized I needed something, a full face snorkeling mask. I no longer care to use a traditional snorkeling mask. Let’s say I am just tired of biting ends in my mouth just so I can breathe. I need a full-face snorkeling mask.

Why use full face masks?

I am now looking for the best full face snorkel masks. The benefits are incredible. One of them is that you get to breathe just as well as you breathe on land. Your face does not get into contact with water and if it does, there is a purge valve for getting it out.

The field of view is incredibly wide! It is almost as if you are not wearing anything at all. You can see all around you. Thus, you will not miss any action if you are snorkeling with the turtles or the fish.

Despite all the benefits that full face masks come with, it is not expensive and it lasts a long time. Thus, you can order it without fear, knowing that you will get good value for the money that you spend on it.

Full face masks for snorkeling and scuba diving are all the rage, even for glasses wearers who love water sports. Thus, if you wear spectacles like I do, you can ask for snorkeling masks already fitted with corrective lenses.

There are many more benefits to buying full-face snorkeling masks. If you would like one too, here are two that you can consider buying:

Tribord Subea Mask

Tribord Subea Easybreath

This is one of the best full face masks in the market today. You can buy it with the confidence that it will last a long time and give you great value for money. The silicone skirt around the mask makes it fit comfortably around the face. With a wide angle of view and anti-fogging capability, this full face mask enhances your visual capability inside the water. If you like, you can choose a GoPro mount for the mask to mount your camera.


  • Very popular, highly rated and reviewed
  • Sold with a warranty of 2 years
  • Anti-fog
  • Fits snugly and comfortably on the face
  • Clear vision in the water


  • Some people have complained that the mask leaks

WSTOO full face snorkeling mask

WSTOO full face 180 degrees

This is another popular full face snorkel mask. With 180 degrees of view, you will be able to enjoy a lot of sea wonders around you. Besides, this mask is so well made such it allows you to breathe almost as well as you would on dry land.  The mask is so well designed such that it does not fog up. It also does not form condensation to obliterate your view.


  • The price is quite affordable
  • Wide angle of view
  • No fogging or condensation inside
  • Silicone skirt is very comfortable
  • 90-day guarantee


  • Some people have complained of small leaks